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  • Weekly webinars
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I have spent the morning planning my lessons for the week and seriously your database has cut down my planning time so much. I literally just tap in what I want to teach and puff there are the resources! Thirteen lessons done in about 30 minutes.

Sens, France

Thanks for the teacher training and business workshops. Your workshops and teaching techniques are really teacher-friendly! I learnt a lot and apply it both at work and at home. It works wonders! The smiles of my students, their rapid progress, all made me very happy. I will continue developing with you.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Resource Education is a perfect Platform for teachers. First of all, it is very convenient to keep all the information about groups and students here. Earlier I used different journals, copybooks and Google sheets, now everything is in order, and, what is very important for me, everything is in one place. What is more, here there is a huge Database with different materials for the lessons. Materials are very various, for different ages and goals. And they are really unusual and helpful, I see real progress on my lessons, achieved due to exercises from the Database. I recommend this platform to all the teachers, who wants to make their job well organized and more effective.

Penza, Russia

Thanks for the P3 activities! I particularly love "Shock". My students love it. It really helps break down their fear of speaking.

Paris, France

Our students have become more confident, enthusiastic and really interested in developing their skills! We use Short Answer Race - B1 and Tense Build - B1, all of them work really well! It's a great chance for students to realize they can speak English if they want!

Tomsk, Russia

Thanks for making my life easier. My students develop their reflexes and I can easily use P1, P2, P3 in my lessons without much difficulty. It's brilliant how easy it is to apply and how quickly I could adapt my lessons.

Moscow, Russia

I really liked your teacher training on how to speak with parents and on building students up to fluency. Thanks.

Novgorod, Russia

Thank you so much for the wonderful teaching materials you are developing. Resource Education is a teacher's treasure!

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia